Joe Seymour

I would like to announce my interest in the BFA-HACD Board as an At-Large candidate.

My father, Brian Seymour was a Hot Air Balloon Pilot, Board Member for the National Balloon Classic Museum, and the Chair for the BFA Annual Meeting that was held in Des Moines, IA. My mother, Chris Seymour-Knudson was also on the Board of Directors for the National Balloon Museum and on the planning committee for the BFA Annual Meeting that my father Chaired. They shared their love of ballooning and these milestones with me which has feed my love of the sport.

After my fathers’ passing my mother bought me a hot air balloon so that I could continue to share the passion of flying that my father installed in me. Prior to his passing I had previously obtained my student license when I was 14 and became a private pilot in 2018.

 After spending a year fun flying and participating in several events, I ordered a new racer style balloon so that I could complete in BFA sanctioned events at a higher competitive level. Since I have competed and won events since as the Jr. National Champion in 2021, Rookie of the year at Nationals in 2021 and finishing 14th in the Albuquerque Fiesta last year.

Locally I was on the Board for Fulelink, our local propane organization that operates as a refueling station on the Balloon Classics field in Indianola, IA. I am currently a board member for Aeronauts focusing on recruitment.

As I continue to expand my involvement in ballooning at all levels that this could be a great opportunity for me. In return I believe with my age and connections that I could help generate interest amongst younger pilots and help generate their increased interest levels in the BFA.   

I ask that you to consider and support me for the At-Large position.
Thank you,
Joe Seymour

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