Scott McClinton, INCUMBENT

I am Scott McClinton and I have been a member of the BFA Board of Directors as an At-large Director seat since 2019 and the learning curve has been steep. I own and co-operate SkyCab Balloon Promotions in Louisville, Kentucky and I work full-time in the hot air balloon industry every day operating 18 balloons, a mixture of corporate contracts, ride balloons, and special shapes. I have been a pilot for 33 years holding a commercial hot air balloon certificate, a gas certificate, and am now working on my first fixed wing training. I hold an MBA and Bachelor’s Degrees in Management and Marketing from the University of Dayton. In addition to ballooning I have owned, operated, managed and sold three automotive maintenance companies over the course of the past 20 years in order to dedicate my life full time to ballooning.

I have been a member of the BFA since 1988 and in conjunction with the Board I led a committee to bring the National Convention out of retirement in 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky. I serve on the BFA Events Guidelines Committee and was a participant and speaker at the first Balloon Event Organizer’s Symposium. Aside from a commercial balloon pilot I have organized over 124 balloon events during the past years. I have also organized safety seminars for our local balloon club as well as speaking at safety seminars and past National Conventions across the country.

Our Board had an established mission with goals and along came COVID-19, and all plans were tossed aside. The Federation began to loose membership in large numbers as national issues involving ballooning began to blossom. I led the Membership Committee in 2021 trying to reverse the loss of members and I continue to serve on the Committee, and we have finally stemmed the loss of members. During the process we have learned much about our renewal process and we are focused on updating the process.

Aside from membership the Federation was forced to address the FAA’s proposal for pilot medicals, the implementation of ADS-B and its effects on balloons, and more recently the unmanned drone operations proposal facing all facets of aviation.  

As our priorities have continued to evolve over the past two years it is evident we will need to more closely manage our expenses to have a financially healthy Federation. I will work with our new bookkeeper to continue the sound financial practices established by Maury Sullivan, our past Treasurer. The Federation needs to continue to support the youth camps and the Aeronauts and engage the youth involved in ballooning to be able to grow our support.

I will continue to work hard for the members of the BFA and I would appreciate your support and vote for the BFA Board At-large Director position.


Scott McClinton
Louisville, Kentucky
(502) 445-5271
BFA Member 107029

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