Eliav Cohen

If you want a general director at large that is highly persistent, takes action, and can work within the current structures of the BFA, you ought to consider voting for Eliav Cohen. 

As a non board member, Eliav committed to 3 significant goals around ballooning three years ago.

Goal number 1:
Help balloonists across the country when PR issues arise due to real or fake articles, videos, or accidents
If you get in an accident, a video of your balloon landing somewhere odd, or a false article online, you can count on Eliav reaching out. Why? There are two main reasons. The national media reaches out to him due to his relationships and online articles about balloon safety and training. He works very hard with local pilots when media issues occur. The second reason is that he wants to find out what happened so all pilots can apply learnings ASAP vs. years later.

Goal number 2:
A spokesman for hot air ballooning and safety promoting our sport nationally
Eliav and Seattle Ballooning were on the front page of the NY TIMES in August of 2021 and are working with Nickelodeon and Reuters on two projects promoting ballooning this year. The two projects will reach almost 2 Billion people. Eliav has also worked tirelessly to get articles to the top of Google that help the public and media understand ballooning. If you go to google and put in "are hot air balloons dangerous" or "are hot air balloons safe," you'll find his article is #1 on google and beats every lawyer and media site. His articles about "low flying hot air balloons" and "hot air balloon history" also rank #1. Articles like these make a massive difference for our entire community.

Goal number 3. He wanted to create a free training program to get young people, women, and diversity into ballooning
The Aeronauts Training program, supported by Amazon, is helping kids 16-25 get into the sport of ballooning. The focus includes getting women and diversity into ballooning. We'll have multiple students get their licenses from the program this year, including the first female African American balloon pilot in the US.

So what's next? 

Electing Eliav to the Director at Large position will allow his current efforts to compound on a national level. His goal is to take his current successes and use that knowledge and momentum to work with fellow board members in enhancing the value of BFA membership. The BFA is an established organization with structures and committees that focus on different goals. He’ll use his talents and skills to work with individuals and committees that have been tasked with accomplishing these similar goals to provide measurable results. 

Although there are many goals Eliav and the rest of the board will focus on together over the next 3 years, you can count on Eliav to lead the charge and work with fellow board members and committees to accomplish the following goals:

1) Help balloon pilots anytime there is a PR issue or accident. The BFA will work closely with local pilots and be commenting on national and local stories.
2) Creating new online learning experiences for pilots and crew
3) Create national marketing campaigns and partnerships to promote ballooning
4) Use my experience in getting funded training for young ballooning students to foster further success with the BFA's Aeronauts program
5) Create additional value for BFA members that in turn causes a meaningful increase in membership

If you believe the above goals are worthwhile, and that the BFA would be more likely to achieve these goals with Eliav as an active action oriented engaged board member, you should strongly consider voting for him. 


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