Penny Suttle

My name is Penny Suttle. I live in Strasburg, Ohio with my husband, Paul.   I am a retired special education teacher. We have been involved in ballooning since 1988 and I’ve been a pilot since 1989. He has been a pilot since 1990. We own two balloons and are in the process of building an RC balloon.

I have been a member of the Northeast Ohio Balloon Pilots Association since I became a pilot. I have served on the Board of NOBPA many times and am currently finishing my term as President. I am the chairwoman for NOBPA’s “Balloonowledge” Safety Seminar.  NOBPA managed to continue our safety seminar through the pandemic by being the first balloon club to use Zoom. We were able to leverage that venue and had speakers from all over the US and Canada.
I am a life member of the BFA . I flew the US Nationals for ten years and participated in the first Women’s. Championship in conjunction with the US Nationals. I have flown in many states across the US, including ABQ, NM; as well as in Canada and Italy.

My goals in ballooning our education and safety. If I am elected to the BFA Board, I will continue following my goals and help further safety and education.

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