Chris Keefe

Hello Fellow Balloon Enthusiasts,

The 2022 Balloon Federation of America (BFA) Board of Directors elections will be online from July 24 - August 26.  I am a candidate for the Great Lakes Regional Director position, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and ask for your vote.  Following is a brief biography of myself.

Chris Keefe
2611 Baer St.
Cross Plains, Wisconsin 53528
(920) 419-4791
BFA # 116205
Member since 2002

Member EAA & AOPA

My introduction to ballooning came in the mid-late 1970s when a good friend called me and asked for help. He had his certificate and a balloon, but now he needed crew. And with that first experience, I was hooked. Fast forward 25+ years and loads of crewing experience with commercial rides, fun flying, and balloon rallies, and I was finally convinced to go after my private certificate.

Private LTA Certificate 3273138 (September 2007)

Commercial LTA Certificate 3273138 (July 2015)

My ballooning experiences have taken me throughout the Great Lakes Region, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, as well as Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, and Quebec. More to come. Flying experiences include commercial operations, limited competition flying, higher elevation/altitude flying, cold weather/winter flying, special shapes, long-distance flights, and dawn patrol. I served as staff/instructor/pilot for the Great Lakes Region Youth Program Summer Camp in 2017 & 2018.

Attended the last 2 BFA National Conventions (Philadelphia & Topeka).

I consider myself to be a "serious hobbyist" with an emphasis on youth, young adults, and the more seasoned young-at-heart adults to become involved as crew and/or pilots. Sharing the joy, beauty, and adventure of ballooning is high on my to-do list.  

Additionally, aside from ballooning:
  • Grew up in Oshkosh WI and Graduated HS in 1971
  • BS degree in Education - UW-Oshkosh 1976
  • MA degree in Education - Northeast Missouri State University 1977
  • Eleven-time NCAA & NAIA All-American in Swimming
  • U.S. Navy Veteran
  • Certified SCUBA Diving Instructor
  • Water Safety / Lifeguard Training Instructor & Instructor Trainer - Red Cross
  • National Red Cross Water Safety Committee - Chairman
  • 37 years US Gov Service, and (USPS) including Supervisor of Delivery Services and Officer in Charge / Postmaster
  • Now retired
  • Currently live in Cross Plains, WI (Just west of Madison WI) with my significant other.

The BFA is the "Voice of Ballooning" in America. My desire is to serve as the Great Lakes Region Director on the BFA Board of Directors.  I would greatly appreciate your vote starting July 24th.

Gentle Winds and Soft Landings,
Chris Keefe


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