Bruce Byberg

BRUCE BYBERG – Northeast Region

As a lifetime member since 1990, Please consider me for the upcoming vacancy on the board for the northeast region. It’s exciting to see so many new people getting involved in ballooning. Now more than ever the voices of veteran balloonists can help guide and promote our exciting family-friendly sport and I feel I can do that better through the BFA. 

It was 1989 when I saw my first hot air balloon.  I traveled around crewing for the pilot and purchased my first balloon before having even taken a ride! I earned my certificate in 3 months and quickly was flying more than 500 passengers a year.

I’ve had the privilege of piloting the Fanta balloon (in Norway and Sweden), United Van Lines, Anheuser Busch, and Werehburg theatre popcorn bag-shaped balloon. For the past 30 years, I operated over New England skies in the iconic Re/Max balloon accumulating almost 4,000 hours of flight time. 

I believe I’d be an excellent fit for the northeast as I live in NJ, cover all of New England with the REMAX balloon, and attend most of the festivals in the area so I’m accessible to the NE region and already know most of the pilots to listen to their concerns.  I maintain membership with the Balloon Federation of America, Great Eastern Balloon Association, Connecticut Lighter than Air Society, EAA, and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. 

It would be an honor for me to serve on the board. 

Flying safely,
Bruce Byberg
401.262.6426 cell/text


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