About Us

Our Balloteer program was conceived by Balloteer's parent company, Telusys, Inc., in answer to client requests for a simple-to-use online voting tool. Balloteer, now in its second generation of development, is expanding on its original goal by offering this popular tool as an on-the-fly, e-commerce enabled product. Savvy business professionals and associations find that Balloteer provides a secure and effective way to hold an election or vote on a critical issue.

Software you can depend on — a company you can trust.
Balloteer by Telusys.

Telusys has been developing software specifically for the Internet since 1992. Our clients, in 48 states, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Canada, employ our software because of its ease of use, sophisticated capabilities, and its cost-effectiveness. We guarantee 99.99% uptime and 24X7 customer support.

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