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Custom Products and Services

Customization Requests

Balloteer Vote Online software is built, developed, managed, and maintained by the dedicated development staff of Telusys, Inc., Balloteer's parent company. If an organization has special requirements for any aspect of an election, whether they concern special voting rules, custom notification requirements, voter registration forms or systems, advanced security options, or special graphic design considerations, Balloteer's staff would be happy to provide a quotation to address the special ideas, capabilities, or requirements for any election.

Please contact Telusys, Inc., via telephone at 877-850-2300 x101, or via email at, to discuss customization requests for an upcoming election and to receive a quotation for advanced services.

About Telusys

Telusys, the parent company of Balloteer Vote Online, provides a wide range of software and services to help clients obtain their business objectives. Since 1992, Telusys has been a pioneer in the development of Software as a Services (SaaS) products for industry and associations. All Telusys products are backed by a 99.99% uptime guarantee and 24X7 customer support. All Telusys products are developed, supported, and hosted by knowledgeable and highly trained in-house staff, providing your organization with integrated solutions and fast single-vendor problem solving.

Please use our Contact Form for inquiries regarding Telusys products and services.

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