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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay an annual subscription to use Balloteer?

Balloteer does not use a subscription based system. After establishing an account, elections are purchased individually as they are needed. There are no subscription or maintenance fees when there are no active elections.

How can I pay for my election?

New customers should click on Registration to register for an account and utilize their Visa, Mastercard, or Amex card to purchase services. Existing clients can sign in to their account and click on the Purchase button to purchase new elections or to upgrade existing services.

Does Balloteer offer paper-based voting solutions?

Balloteer is strictly an online voting service. Balloteer does not offer paper ballots or mail-in ballot services. Balloteer voting can easily be performed by voters using any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a Web browser and Internet access.

Does Balloteer share account, election, voter information, or email addresses with third parties?

Balloteer treats all election information as confidential and does not share account, election, voter information, or email addresses with any third parties.

How do I make sure voters can only vote one time?

Assuming an election has a fixed set of known eligible voters, Balloteer recommends that elections are secured with either a voter ID or the combination of a voter ID and password. Voter IDs and passwords can be uploaded into Balloteer for individual elections.

Can I use Balloteer for onsite voting during a meeting?

Balloteer can be used for kiosk-style voting with configured computers or tablets preconfigured for eligible voters. Please contact Balloteer with your specific requirements for recommendations for this type of voting.

How do I reconcile in-person versus online voting?

Organizations offering online and in-person voting typically have individual rules and policies regarding how conflicts are resolved and what takes precedence. Clients will typically have deadlines for online voting, prior to meetings, and will either restrict in-person voting if an online vote has been cast.

Does Balloteer offer vote-by-phone voting options?

Balloteer does not offer options allowing voters to vote with their voice or touchtone phone. A smartphone with a Web browser can be used for voting but simple touchtone voting and balloting is not supported.

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