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Balloteer Online Elections

Balloteer is a secure Web based software system for building online voting ballots and hosting elections with a simple to manage online election process. Balloteer supports plurality "First-Past-The-Post" (FPTP) elections, Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), Single Transferable Vote (STV) elections, and weighted voting.

Balloteer lets the administrator have the ability to create one or more elections with any number of candidates and ballot positions. Candidate summaries, biographies, photographs, and attachments can be easily added to each ballot. Each election may have any number of issues, positions, or offices with one or more candidates running for each position or office, and write-in candidates are also supported. After candidates have been entered and all ballot positions specified and the election setup is complete, a secure link is generated and provided by the Balloteer system to be distributed to voters via e-mail or on a Web page to access the ballot and vote.

Balloteer lets administrators view the current voting results during, and after an election. For secured elections, administrators are able to monitor how many voters from an eligible voter security list have completed the voting process.

Balloteer Basic Online Voting features:

  • Purchase elections individually*
  • Any number of offices/candidates/write-ins
  • 5,000 cast ballots included per purchased election
  • Additional ballots can be purchased and added at any time
  • Pull-down time zone and start and stop date/time menu
  • No special software or apps are needed
  • Custom election banner can be added
  • Elections can be secured with eligible voter security databases
  • Voter "Thank You" response message
  • Full edit capabilities
  • Add candidate summaries, biographies, photos, and attachments
  • Supports write-in candidates
  • Secure voting
  • Plurality voting
  • Instant Runoff Vote (IRV) - Ranked Choice Voting
  • Single Transferable Vote (STV) - Preferential Voting
  • Single Transferable Vote (STV) - Droop or Hare Quotas
  • Percentage/Shares weighted voting supported
  • Cumulative Voting Options
  • Overvoting and undervoting prevention
  • Segmented Ballot Options (Regions/Voter Categories)
  • Secure URL link to ballot
  • Automatic "Clear All Votes"
  • Professional appearance
  • Easy to manage
  • Instant voter and election statistics
  • Secret ballot and transparent elections supported
  • Self-Managed and Fully-Managed Email Notification Options
  • Network-based voting security options
  • 24 x 7 technical support

*The Balloteer may be purchased for individual elections for $99.95 per election for the first 5,000 cast ballots. Additional blocks of cast ballots may be purchased for $99.95 per block of 10,000.

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