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Fully Managed Election Services

Whether required by organizational rules and bylaws, or simply to save time, Balloteer Fully Managed elections provide a great resource for streamlining an organization's election and providing the security of having an impartial and trusted third-party manage the process.

Fully Managed elections can be purchased at any time, including when registering for a new Balloteer account, or by visiting the Purchase section of Balloteer when signed in to an existing account. Self-managed elections can also be upgraded to be fully managed in the Purchase section.

Fully Managed Election Service Features

  • Fully Managed elections can be purchased at any time individually
  • Existing self-managed elections can be upgraded to fully managed
  • Complete setup of all election information utilizing client supplied text, documents, and photos
  • Secure, confidential, and impartial election management
  • Comprehensive support from Balloteer Customer Service and Support Department
  • Election announcement notification and two reminders to voters sent via email
Balloteer Staff Provide the Following Services
  • Supply Managed Election Checklist to streamline the election setup process
  • Configure all general election settings, preferences, and election instruction setup
  • Configure all candidate biographies, photos, and attachments with client supplied information
  • Setup all ballot items, positions, and offices
  • Work with clients to import or generate voting credentials for eligible voters
  • Create election announcement and reminder emails for voters
  • Deliver sample election email messages to clients for review and approval
  • Provide ballot link to client for review, testing, and approval
  • Provide technical support for administrators and voters
  • Accept updates to voter rolls during election
  • Accept updates and corrections to voter mailing lists during election
  • Provide access to election results to election administrators

Fully Managed Elections Build Upon all of Balloteer's Core Features and Capabilities

  • Purchase elections individually*
  • Any number of offices/candidates/write-ins
  • 5,000 cast ballots included per purchased election
  • Additional ballots can be purchased and added at any time
  • Pull-down time zone and start and stop date/time menu
  • No special software or apps are needed
  • Custom election banner can be added
  • Elections can be secured with eligible voter security databases
  • Voter "Thank You" response message
  • Full edit capabilities
  • Add candidate summaries, biographies, photos, and attachments
  • Supports write-in candidates
  • Secure voting
  • Plurality voting
  • Instant Runoff Vote (IRV) - Ranked Choice Voting
  • Single Transferable Vote (STV) - Preferential Voting
  • Single Transferable Vote (STV) - Droop or Hare Quotas
  • Percentage/Shares weighted voting supported
  • Cumulative Voting Options
  • Overvoting and undervoting prevention
  • Segmented Ballot Options (Regions/Voter Categories)
  • Secure URL link to ballot
  • Automatic "Clear All Votes"
  • Professional appearance
  • Easy to manage
  • Instant voter and election statistics
  • Secret ballot and transparent elections supported
  • Self-Managed and Fully-Managed Email Notification Options
  • Network-based voting security options
  • 24 x 7 technical support

*The Balloteer may be purchased for individual elections for $99.95 per election for the first 5,000 cast ballots. Additional blocks of cast ballots may be purchased for $99.95 per block of 10,000.

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